Tekno Ice is one of the largest branded ice-cream machine manufacturing producers. Their experience of over 35 years in the ice-cream field, technical skills, creativity, research and will powder allows them to quickly grow and expand their activities and sales all over the world.

Laief S.r.l. is a major Italian producer of ice cream bar machines, which exports their production to more than 80 countries around the world. They offer probably the widest range of machines –  everything between rotary and line types of machinery.


GEL MATIC is a major Italian company with over 40 years experience in production of machines for express ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt and frozen patisseries desserts.

  UGOLINI Spa is a major Italian Company, producer of cold and hot drinks machine dispensers, Sherbet makers of the type “Granita. Their production is presented in over 120 countries around the world.

Arthur Branwell is a major English Company – manufacturer of various ingredients for the food industry, incl. emulsifier and combined emulsifier/stabilizers.


EXPRESSIONS AROMATIQUES  is a large French Company, manufacturer of  flavourings for food industry and pharmaceutics well known in Europe and over the world.

Eurovanille is a large French Company for production of natural vanilla products – both conventional and with “Organic” quality.

Fuerst Day Lowson Ltd is a large English Company, manufacturer of ingredients for food industry. With their 100 years of experience, FDL is able to offer very wide range of products.

Kopykake Enterprises Inc is a leading manufacturer of products and tools for cake decoration.

Primus Ouwell is a large Dutch Company – producer of wafer paper for decoration of cakes and bakery.

Schneider GmbH is a large Germany Company, manufacturer of bakery products, made from paper, metal and synthetic materials. Their products are sold in over 50 countries.

Keeplasticks is a large manufacturer of the most innovative disposable pastry bags for food products “Kee Seal Ultra”.

Silikomart is a large Italian Company, which offers a wide range of refined and innovative food safe silicone moulds for profesional pastry chefs, bakery and ice-cream.

Barth is a large Germany Company which offers a variety of standard products and individual decisions for save transport and storage of food and food stuffs. The Thermal-insulation boxes with trade mark “THERMO- FUTURE BOX” has been for a long time a sign of quality and innovation.



Incoltec is a global provider of high quality natural colours for the food industry.

Their innovative colouring solutions are derived from natural sources and are used as applications in all kinds of food.