Ice Cream Manufacturing

Equipment for industrial ice-cream by TEKNO ICE – Italy

REMCO BG is the official representative of TEKNO ICE – Italy for Bulgaria.

TEKNO ICE is a company with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of individual machines as well as continuous freezers, pasteurizers, extruders, tunnels for hardening and etc. As well as of complex lines, including equipment for the overall process for the production of industrial ice cream from the pasteurization and installation to the cutting and packing.

Ice-cream stich machnes Laief S.r.l.

Our company is represantative of Laief S.r.l – a major Italian producer of ice cream bar machines, which exports their production to more than 80 countries around the world. They offer probably the widest range of machines –  everything between rotary and line types of machinery.

Machines for soft ice-cream GEL MATIC – Italy

Our company as the official representative of the Italian company GEL MATIC for Bulgaria. We offer their machines for production of soft ice cream, frozen yogurt and frozen confectionery products. The assortment list includes both desktop and machines on wheels, with different performance and power and supply systems of the portioning device.

Machines for soft ice-cream of REMCO BG

Dear customers,
Please be informed that we already have in stock machines for soft ice-cream, assembled by our company in Bulgaria.

To learn more about the technical features of machines, please refer to the contact list.


As representatives of the French company EXPRESSIONS AROMATIQUES we can offer our customers a wide selection of flavors, specifically designed for soft drinks and beverages based on alcohols such as liqueurs, cocktails, flavored vodkas and drinks based on wine and others.

Vanilla Flavours of EUROVANILLE – France

Our company is the representative of EUROVANILLE – France for Bulgaria and offers a variety of natural vanilla flavors, incl. such of organic quality under the form of vanilla seeds extracts, natural vanilla powder and natural vanilla pods. For an overview of selection, please click on the title of the page.

Flavours of REMCO BG Ltd

In 2013, as a result of cooperation with our English partners, REMCO BG began production of liquid and dry flavors in Bulgaria as outsourcing. The new flavors in our assortment list enjoy great reception from our clients, due to their excellent European quality and very attractive prices. The packages of 5 kg and 0.5 kg are convenient for both large and for small producers and bakeries.

Colourings of REMCO BG Ltd

In recent years the company REMCO BG has offered on the market their’s own brand of food colours under the name “Series RAY”. These series had enjoyed a great reception among our customers due to the perfect quality of the colourings, attractive prices and convenient packaging.

Emulsifiers & Stabilizers

Emulsifiers and Stabilizers are supplied by our English partner ,who has available a wide range of Emulsifiers, Stabilizers and co-blended or combined Emulsifier/Stabilizer plus a range of Natural Stabilizers to give optimum results in many applications.
Both the Emulsifier and Stabiliser play vital role in the manufacture of many products, especially Ice Cream and Dessert industry.
Assists in Fat dispersion
Controls Fat agglomeration
Promotes air oncorporation
Enables drier extrusion
Increases smoothness/consistency
Resists shrinkage on storage.

Increases mix viscosity
Improve air incorporation
Gives body and texture
Slows ice crystal formation
Controls meltdown
Interacts with proteins.

Biscuits, ice cream wrappers, dry mixes for soft ice-cream.

Polystyrene boxes for ice cream.
Biscuits for industrial “sandwich”.

Dry mixes for soft ice-cream.