Machines for hot, chilled and frozen drinks

Machines for ice-cream and desserts

MiniGEL is the latest , technically innovative UGOLINI machine which has been designed to meet all needs of the business which wants to offer to their customers top quality desserts and soft ice cream. Compact and easy to use, with simple elegant line, it has been designed to be noticed and serve ice cream at its best.

Machines “Granita” for frozen drinks

As representatives of the company UGOLINI spa for Bulgaria which offers a diverse range of that type of machines – from the youngest (Series MINI) to machines that produce large amounts of frozen drinks in a short time. All series are available in versions from 1 to 4 pcs. removable, non-toxic polycarbonate containers. The service and cleaning of the machines is promptly and easily. All parts that have been in contact with the beverage are detachable and can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Machines for chilled drinks

The machines for cooling and portioning drinks give you an opportunity to diversify the range of offered by you products.
The special technical device allows you perfect mixing of even the most delicate beverages.
All parts of the container,the mixer and the tap are easily deconstructed for perfect cleaning and disinfection.

Machines for hot chocolate

This group of machines offers convenient and easy preparation and portioning of hot chocolate and other hot drinks. The machines are compact, desktop and with an elegant design. They offer a panoramic view of the diluted product, which can provoke the interest of the customers and increase your sales.