Dry lace mix confectionery

Novelly in our assortment list is “Dry lace mix confectionery”

Package: foil-bag 300 gr net.

Colours: white, yellow, violet, pink, black

Manufacturer: REMCO BG Ltd



–  Add 80 gr warm water to the lace mix (100 gr)

– Mix well till obtaining of homogeneous mixure fot about 5 min.

– You can use the ready mixure for making of different effective elements, suitable for decorating of cakes and sweets.
– Take a silicone lace mat with desired by you ornaments. Place the mat on the smooth surface.

– Pour out the part of the lace mixure on the mat  and spred it uniformly by any suitable instrument.

-Let it dry at 80 C  for  25 min or put it in oven with ventilator.

– Await after drying about 10-15 min.

For separating from the mat, the lace must be cool very well.